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New teachers need support like never before. They’re cutting their professional teeth at a time when schools’ capacity to provide that support is hampered by ever-changing demands. Retaining new teachers is especially critical as we face a national crisis of predicted sharp increases in teacher shortages.

As a former educator who has supported novice teachers and understands the school-level and national policy contexts that challenge their work, I offer a fresh, enthusiastic, can-do approach so new teachers build confidence and feel competent in their day-to-day work. Whether it's collaborative unit and lesson planning, side-by-side instructional coaching on high-leverage instructional moves that will help improve new teachers’ daily practice, progress monitoring of learning goals or IEP objectives, or co-interpreting student work and data to help guide instruction, I can create job-embedded systems of support for teachers in their induction years to help ensure that they stay on board.  

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