I do my best collaboration when working with people who come with ideas, who keep an open mind, and who are lifelong learners. Those attributes are not easy to find in one person, but we were lucky to be introduced to and hire Kathleen Hayes, who was that and so much more. She elevated the work, made connections, and created a pathway for Scenarios to enter Chicago. It wasn’t easy, but Kathleen has the tenacity and the smarts to do the impossible.

Maura Minsky, co-founder and executive director, Scenarios

I had the pleasure of partnering with Kathleen on a program focused on providing professional development for cooperating teachers. We worked together to coach cooperating teachers in my district on how best to mentor a novice teacher. Kathleen's expertise in the area of teacher preparation and mentoring practices were essential to the success of our program. In addition, Kathleen has excellent project management skills, effective communication and collaboration skills, and demonstrated an ability to develop positive relationships and build trust among our staff members.  She would be a major asset to any team working to enhance their teacher preparation or induction program in their district.

Jill Geocaris, director of adult learning, Maine Township High School District 207

When I approached Kathleen to create a professional bio for my website, I asked her for a lot. I shared sample bios from other designers' websites and an old bio of mine, and we had extensive conversations about what I was looking for. I really wasn't sure she would be able to get it all into one piece. But Kathleen rose to the occasion and created a bio that captured every aspect of me and my work that I'd hoped to see on paper. If you are struggling to create text or content or feel uncomfortable writing about yourself, I highly recommend hiring Kathleen to translate your thoughts into a comprehensive, well-written piece that you’ll feel confident sharing.

Shannon Davis Johnston, Shannon Davis Designs, LLC